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The Emergent Lighting System®, or ELS, is a patented emergency notification and building evacuation system that uses state-of-the-art lighting technology to keep building occupants safe. 

ELS gives building managers confidence.  School and hospital administrators, hotel operators, and building managers count on ELS to provide the most advanced level of safety for their facilities.
Campus Safety BEST AwardContact ELS today to ensure the most advanced level of security for your facilities.

What is ELS?

ELS is a smart safety system for public buildings like schools, office buildings and public facilities. ELS provides immediate mass notification to everyone within an emergency or danger zone. Read More >

What it does

ELS helps building occupants understand emergency situations and act quickly to move towards safety. Static lights provide emergency notifications. Dynamic lights illuminate the nearest pathway to safety. Read More >

Why it works

ELS provides immediate mass notification that's easy to understand, easy to follow and highly responsive to a number of emergency situations. Read More >