The Technology

Emergent Lighting Systems® is a mass notification and emergency egress system that can be activated instantly in emergency situations.  ELS offers the best option for versatile, customizable emergency notification to address the most common safety threats in educational institutions, government agencies, and public buildings.

Emergency Lighting Huntsville

Emergent Lighting Systems developed a patented, color-coded emergency egress and mass notification system to provide the highest level of safety and security for public facilities. ELS’ technology features floor-level, color-coded LED lighting that can inform and direct people in emergency situations. This system can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for individuals to be made aware of a threat and find their way to an exit, thereby saving lives.

Recent business and school shootings have shown the deficiency of traditional notification systems’ capability to immediately transmit a warning to an entire school campus or public facility. ELS fills this void by utilizing dynamic lights to provide safe egress and static lights for immediate mass notification. ELS offers added peace of mind to school and hospital administrators, hotel operators, and building managers by ensuring the most advanced level of safety and security for their facilities.