Catholic High School

Emergent Lighting Systems installed a notification and evacuation system at Pope John Paul II Catholic High School in Huntsville, Alabama.

Founded in 1996 as Catholic High School, Pope John Paul II Catholic High School recently built a new school campus, situated within Cummings Research Park in Huntsville, Alabama. Enrollment is approximately 425-450 students, grades 9-12, and there are 55-60 Faculty and Staff at the facility.

The Emergent Lighting System® was installed in order to provide the school building occupants access to an emergency mass notification and emergency egress system, thus increasing the safety of the entire school. In this application the blue was used to indicate an intruder in the school; red for a tornado warning; and amber for severe thunderstorm warning.  The green activation circuit is on standby for a fire alarm, and the white or clear LEDs cirucuits are monitoring for a loss of power.  The onboard battery is capable of 90 minutes of use.