Emergency Evacuations

In the event of a smoke/fire alert or another emergency that requires evacuation, the Emergent Lighting System® illuminates a floor pathway with green LED emergency lighting that flashes or strobes to direct an individual toward the nearest exit.


This is done with a set of dynamic green LED lights that strobe in the direction of the nearest exit point. Since these lights are mounted on the wall over the base mold this puts the emergency exit lighting on the floor where an individual would be crawling out of a burning building.

  • Traditional emergency lighting is static and mounted on the ceiling. Moreover, traditional exit lighting becomes obscured by smoke as fires increase in intensity.

By installing the egress lighting on the floor, an individual can follow along the path made by the strobe effect of the green LEDs to the nearest exit. These lights can even be reversed to strobe in the opposite direction should the exit be compromised.

In the event of power loss, the system will be activated with clear colored LEDs to light pathways. The system including the loss of power circuit is capable of maintaining light for 90 minutes and is compliant with UL 924. If the system is tied to an emergency generator circuit the system could provide light for as long as needed. In long power outage scenarios, such as after a tornado, the units low power use would allow the entire system to run off of a small portable generator providing low level lighting for as long as needed.