Mass Notifications

The Emergent Lighting System® can be programmed to illuminate in order to indicate a different emergency situation. Each facility may set up specially programmed alerts specific to their organizations’ needs using the color-coded lights.


  • Fire
  • Intruder Alert/Lock down

In the event of an intruder alert, designated individuals are able to set a silent emergency notification. Organization representatives simply press a “panic button” which activates the appropriate color LED in every room in the facility, instantly alerting building occupants that there is a problem so that they are able to quickly and quietly take action. The staff could be issued a button to wear that would immediately activate the system.

The activation units can also be mounted in public areas much like a fire alarm pull station in order to allow any individual who recognizes a threat to instantly relay that threat potential to the entire facility or campus which could include multiple buildings. As soon as the system is activated every installed unit turns on.  With this discrete notification system, occupants would be able to take action without alerting or agitating an intruder. This would also allow authorities to know which locations could be evacuated without alerting the location in distress. Other areas or buildings could be locked down and or evacuated per the organizations protocols.

  • Loss of power 

In the event of power loss, ELS also provides emergency lighting that helps building occupants continue to move throughout the building safely. The system including the loss of power circuit is capable of maintaining light for 90 minutes and is compliant with UL 924.  If the system is tied to an emergecy generator circuit, the system could provide light for as long as needed.  In long power outage scenarios, such as after a tornado, the units' low power usage would allow the entire system to run off of a small portable generator providing low level lighting for as long as needed.

  • Specific needs according to your facility or organization

Emergent Lighting Systems' Project Managers can consult with you to evaluate the needs specific to your building or campus.  We'll design a system that offers easy installation and effective implementation.