System Implementation

The Emergent Lighting System® can notify an entire college campus or facility if a threat exists in seconds instead of minutes.  As soon as the system is activated, every installed unit turns on.  A centralized control panel indicates the specific area that has a system-specific-needs-emergency-lightsproblem, which allows authorities to quickly respond. With this discrete notification system, occupants are able to take action without alerting or agitating an intruder. This  allows authorities to know which locations can be evacuated without alerting the location in distress.

  • ELS activation units can be mounted in public areas  to allow any individual who recognizes a threat to instantly relay that threat potential to the entire facility or campus, even to multiple buildings.
  • The system is mounted in or over the baseboard, shoe mold, and or chair rail. It can also be installed in or under crown mold of a room as determined by each facility.
  • Each emergency situation has a designated color code programmed into the system that can also be determined by the user. It is up to the user to train the personnel at their facility as to what each condition the colors will represent.
  • Building/Facility staff can be issued a small pendant to wear, giving them the ability to immediately activate the system.